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Ireland becomes first nation to approve same-sex marriage by popular vote

In a stunning outcome that drew more than a 60 percent voter turnout on Friday, the people of the Republic of Ireland approved same-sex marriage by a substantial majority. In the process, Ireland became the first nation to approve marriage equality by popular vote. Yet more surprising in the aftermath than the 62% in favor versus the 38% opposed, was that an expected split along generational lines failed to materialize. Instead, the yes vote drew support across age and gender, geography and income, with only one district out of 43 voting the ballot down.

Alec Baldwin’s tweet of pique toward Living Wage Rally draws response

Could out-of-touch actor Alec Baldwin’s tweet of pique become the "let them eat cake" of the living wage revolution? Like Marie Antoinette playing milkmaid, Baldwin became one with the men who make a living driving horse carriages in Central Park, but then given the entire park to transverse, they don't block the one-percenters' above-ground travel to fancy lunches at 5-star restaurants.

Jin Youzhi, sibling of China's Last Emperor, dies in Beijing at 96

Jin Youzhi, a retired primary school teacher and half-brother of Henry Pu Yi, China's last emperor, died on Friday in Beijing. Also born in Beijing, six years after Pu Yi's abdication in 1918, Mr. Jin was 96 years old. He had lived a simple life as an educator, raising five children with his first wife Jin Yuting, the daughter of an imperial official. His three sons and two daughters survive him.

Swiss Bankers' Compensation Gets Shareholder Scrutiny Thanks to Minder

Thomas Minder has been vindicated, and that may not make Swiss investment bankers happy. Having been rebuffed in his attempts to get UBS (Union Bank of Switzerland) chairman Marcel Ospel to curb banker compensation at the bank’s annual meeting in 2008, Minder conceived a law to do so, and it came into effect on April 1st.
Under the new law, all the country’s listed companies face binding shareholder votes this year on executive compensation. Shareholders will decide if, on aggregate, executives’ 2014 bonuses are egregious, as well as if base salaries planned for 2016.

Founding prime minister of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew dead at 91

LEE Kuan Yew, who led the tiny island outpost of Singapore during the half-century from the end of British colonial rule to become the first-choice of many business and financial investors in Asia, died at Singapore General Hospital this morning. In what Mr. Lee often referred to as a First World oasis in a Third World region, the country's citizens enjoy widespread prosperity and and exceptionally good governance.