The big news for 2016 includes our ongoing collaboration with Who's Who Registry to launch the exciting new .whoswho Internet domain extension, created with the needs of the Who's Who in mind - especially those who are not primarily "commercial" (at the root of all .com domain names).

This group of decidedly "not-com" individuals, whose ambitions include the creation of storehouses of knowledge such as literary and professional archives and catalogues raisonnés, as well as mass communication vehicles such as newsletters and blogs, deserve more than a commercial suffix tacked onto their online identities, and .whoswho holds the promise of a more suitable pairing. Indeed, for those whose lives have been about standing apart or above, or simply standing their ground in defense of their positions, principles or constituencies. .whoswho speaks volumes.

In the coming year, .whoswho will be launching it's inventory of "Monogram" domains, featuring domains with 1, 2, 3 and 4 letters which have been the most coveted among the online community (virtually none of which remain unsold among .com names). These "Monogram" domains are as impressive in their brevity as they are with their closing .whoswho flourish.

Who will register O.WhosWho? ABC.WHOSWHO, Eurora.Wilson.WhosWho and And who will miss out on the opportunity to register JohnSmith.WhosWho, MARYJONES.WHOSWHO, and, all AVAILABLE as of this publication. And, because all addresses are automatically transposed into lower case letters when entered online, a choice or mix of UPPERCASE and lowercase letters can become a personal presentation statement on your business card or email signature block. CaMeL.wHoSwHo, anyone?

To learn more about .whoswho visit the Who's Who Registry website. To see some of the biggest of the blue-chip companies that have already registered, click here.